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“I really love Sally’s Yoga classes, they are such a great stretch and workout form my body and calming for my mind. I can’t recommend her enough. I have been to three different venues that Sally teaches from and all are simply stunning! A must if you are looking for Yoga in East Lothian”

Laura Thomas

"As a complete beginner of Yoga I’d been more than apprehensive to give Yoga a go…I’m proud to say that those fears were all in my head as from my first class I was hooked. I now really look forward to my Tuesday morning Yoga class at Drift and just love Sally’s classes. If, like me, you’ve been considering Yoga for some time then my advice is just go along to one of Sally’s classes and give it a go! I think you’ll love it!”

Stephanie Lothian- Founder of luxury accommodation in North Berwick.

“Sally’s personal Yoga approach really tunes into the individual, incorporating much of her mind-body therapy background to deliver a thoughtful and effective practice”

Amanda Hamilton- Nutritionist, health expert, broadcaster, writer and consultant.

“Sally’s classes balance dynamic and energising flow with space for quiet reflection in some of the most stunning locations I’ve ever had the pleasure of being on my mat.  Her classes leave me feeling at my best physically and mentally.  Thank you Sally for my weekly injection of what my mind and body needs most!”

Roz Hinds

“I surprised myself by going to Sally’s Before Breakfast Yoga class @ 7.30am @ The Barefoot Sanctuary one morning and enjoyed the experience so much I have continued to go! Sally has a manner of quiet, firm yet gentle encouragement, her classes leave you feeling warm, loose limbed and invigorated at the end of the hour as well as silly pleased with oneself!”

Julia Zeller-Jacques

“I always look forward to Sally’s Yoga classes in North Berwick, the pace is just right and Sally always ensures you are doing it correctly. Since starting Yoga my sports injuries have significantly reduced, I would highly recommend Sally and her Yoga classes to anyone keen to stay injury free and happy!”

Jeremy Milne

“I have practiced Ashtanga Yoga on and off for 15 years, mainly at home, and then I came across Sally! Her classes are fantastic! They leave you feeling de-stressed, well stretched and calm of mind. Although I am familiar with many of the poses Sally is careful with her instruction for those who are not, I can not recommend Sally and her Yoga classes enough!”

Lally Walford

“ I’ve been going to Sally’s Yoga classes since August 2018 and can highly recommend her teaching. I feel stronger and more aligned since going regularly and my dodgy back is the best it’s been in years! The classes are pitched at a perfect level for me, demanding enough and very enjoyable!”

Sharon Street

“The flow of Sally’s class is nicely balanced throughout and her instruction is clear and concise. Sally is a confident Yoga teacher who’s passion for what she does oozes out of her!”

Dave Mason
Scottish Chiropractic Association

“Sally is a brilliant Yogini and Yoga teacher! I have been going to her Yoga classes for 7 months now and I can’t recommend her enough. Loving, powerful, clear and personable. She is awesome.”

Nina Fraser

“We are delighted to have Sally as one of our Yoga teachers at The Barefoot Sanctuary. Whether it’s at her early bird class on Saturday morning or her Monday morning Vinyasa Flow class you are in very safe hands- the joy of Yoga is that you might just discover your to do list is smaller after class!”

Bernadette Petrie

“Sally’s Yoga classes are always a rewarding experience for me. Her verbal instruction is clear and detailed and she maintains the flow of the class with a range of sequences that transition beautifully from one asana to the next. Sally pays careful attention setting up the correct alignment for each pose, this helps to highlight students awareness of their form and from preventing injury. Throughout the sequences Sally guides students in the use of their breath using a specific technique which really enhances the experience of the practice, bringing a meditative quality to it. In fact, challenging yourself physically becomes easier to access when you’re mentally relaxed! I find regular Yoga classes with Sally very beneficial, it’s a conditioning practice from the inside out. Thank you Sally! Namaste.”

Laura Cole