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Retreat and Recharge


20th - 22nd September 2019
Green Craig, Aberlady

It’s my first time journaling and I was wondering what to write about… a zillion thoughts whizzing about me. Fast forward 2 hours and I am calming sitting at my computer after teaching an hour of Ashtanga/Vinyasa Flow Yoga at The Barefoot Sanctuary in North Berwick, Scotland, and all became clear! Write about my up and coming Yoga wellness retreat that is happening at Green Craig, Aberlady, in September of this year. It’s an idea I have been wanting to birth into reality for a while, to run Yoga retreats and when a friend put an idea forward, to create a space locally for people to come and tune into their whole well being  through the practice of Yoga, meditation, massage, sea swimming, healthy food, information and rest I said, with a very well rounded YES! I would love to be involved! We decided to start small, napkin sized small with a larger napkin to the right of us ready to be scribbled on. 

Kinship.Studio, that’s me, is heading the Yoga retreat. I will be teaching twice daily Yoga over the course of the weekend, the tradition of Yoga I teach is Ashtanga/ Vinyasa Flow Yoga and all levels are welcome.The retreat is held at Green Craig, a beautiful 4 star luxury property that boasts the most incredible views of the Forth Of Firth, owned by Lord Elcho, it is filled with curios, open fire places and large comfy cushions. You get the picture? Hope so! We are also offering on our 2 day inclusive Yoga retreat, reflexology, Indian Head Massage, facial massage with award winning Beatitude, optional sea swimming, sea swimming is incredibly good for you, once you get over the fear of the cold and gain the confidence to go for a dip you will be so chuffed with yourself you will positively radiate smugness and feel more alive than you have ever felt before, guaranteed! We are also offering daily meditation, healthy food, a crystal bowl sound bath along with Ayurvedic oils to relax you and a warming, talks on;

Creating calm spaces in the home with Laura Thomas Co.

Aromatherapy with Beatitude

Colour Therapy and personal styling with Sarah Thompson

Sea Swimming with WanderWomen

Oh, and did I mention the hot tub that is waiting for you? And the ancient woodland that surrounds Green Craig, can you hear the whispering of the trees? And the healthy Kombucha drink we have orgainsed for your arrival to set the tone? How about the Ayurvedic golden milk, have I mentioned that?!

Want to know more? Please do get on touch. I have a few spaces left, it’s going to be amazing!

Sally Rankin